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Kathrin Rein is a top real estate agent in South Florida and was been the No. 1 solo agent with Keller Williams in the state of Florida in 2018/2019. Rein is also an investor and owns a portfolio of properties, including residential, commercial and vacation-rental properties. Having arrived in the U.S. with only $750 in her pocket, Rein believes that the gift of being good with numbers, her work ethic and her social media strategies have been instrumental to her success. She is part of Gary Keller’s Top 100 Individual Agent Masterminds and has been featured as a keynote speaker or panelist many times. She’s also a best-selling author; her book, "Wie hast du das gemacht? How did you do it?", was a No. 1 bestseller on German Amazon. Rein’s biggest passion is to teach others how to invest in real estate to create passive income.

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Agent Track: How to Expand & Engage Your Sphere of Influence Using Social Media

September 14, 2021, 06:50 PM
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