Rick Haase

President, United Real Estate

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Rick Haase, president of United Real Estate and COO of United Real Estate Group, has been leading real estate brokerage strategy and operations for over 30 years. Most recently, Haase served as president of Latter & Blum Inc. Under his leadership, the company grew from the 64th largest real estate brokerage in the nation to the 22nd. Haase has accomplished dozens of real estate and related services mergers and acquisitions and has led companies to tremendous organic growth. A founding partner of Envision Advisors, Haase is a frequent lecturer and consultant throughout the U.S. and Canada. He has operated full-service and transaction fee-based brokerage models on both the residential and commercial side, mortgage, insurance services as well as title and settlement services. He has held senior leadership positions with marketshare-leading companies in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio and Connecticut.

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