Todd Hetherington

Founder, CEO & Co-Owner, CENTURY 21 New Millennium

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Todd A. Hetherington is CEO and co-owner of NM Management, Inc., an Alexandria, Virginia-based full-service real estate holding company whose organizations provide residential and commercial real estate sales and service support to clients in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. The organization offers on-site mortgage, title, insurance and property management in addition to a vast network of relocation service providers worldwide. NM Management, Inc. is the parent company of CENTURY 21 New Millennium, ranked the No. 1 CENTURY 21® firm in the world five times based on sales volume. New Millennium’s production numbers routinely exceed the 8,000 other independently owned and operated CENTURY 21 firms in 80 countries worldwide. Through mergers, strategic acquisitions and management team building over the past 20-plus years, Hetherington, along with his business partner and their strong team of leaders, has grown CENTURY 21 New Millennium to a salesforce of approximately 850 agents at 21 locations in the national capital area. The company stands at the pinnacle of the CENTURY 21 real estate’s franchise network with an estimated $3 billion in sales volume.

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